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Manors Investment is a financial investment company established by a group of traders. Since 2008 the company has been carrying out its professional activities in the international financial markets. Considerable experience of our team allows providing the highest level of client service and fast financial growth.

VIP Deposit is a premium deposit. this deposit is unique because RISKS are systematically limited by trader’s funds (Prop Trading) and profit is shared between the investor and the managing trader and a minimum deposit is 50,000 USD.


An accumulation concept of VIP is simple.

The client funds are transferred to the investment account of Manors Investment. After the funds are shared between traders. The traders provide profit for the company and client. 100% preservation of the client funds is guaranteed by a concept of fund sharing for trading in the ratio of 1:3. So while trading the trader risks his own funds only.

Fortunately the critical situations when the trader risks the investor’s funds are rare. And the profit of VIP Deposit is regular. As it is specified in Paragraph 3.4.4 of the Investment Agreement “At the end of every accounting period the company is liable to charge interests”.

Whatever is a result of traders’ work for an accounting period (the results can be absolutely different: +5%, +10% and even zero but not minus. There cannot be minus!) every investor gains his share of profit.

A commission of traders is 70% of total profit.

To become a client of the company and an investor of VIP Deposit you should do the following:

  1. To register in the Personal Office, to fund Your trading account by a wire transfer or payment systems.
  2. To invest into VIP Deposit the Client should sign in to the Personal Office, read an agreement carefully in Manors Investment menu and transfer the funds into his trading account by a wire transfer or payment systems. Then the Client should draw up a transfer application.
  3. After the funds are transferred into VIP Deposit the Client will receive the details by email specified at registration to sign in to the Personal Office on the official website of Manors Investment.

A minimum investment period is six calendar months since the moment of initial deposit at the beginning of a new accounting period. Every month a client has a right to withdraw his share of profit gained as a result of trading.

Manors Investment is a realized choice to reach financial stability and confidence in the future.

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