Компания Manors Investment прекратила свою деятельность.
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A comparative table of income of investment companies in 2012
# % Name of the Fund # % Name of the Fund
1. 32,16 Manors Investment 6. 18,91 Raiffeisen Capital
2. 22,50 Troika Dialog – Global Internet 7. 13,86 РОСНО Alliance
3. 22,18 Alfa-Capital 8. 13,00 VTB Capital
4. 21,52 TKB BNP Paribas Investment Partners 9. 9,22 Interfin Capital
5. 19,09 Promsvyaz Obligations 10. 8,74 Deutsche UFG Capital Management

The advantages of reinvestment in Manors Investment

    Dear Investors! Do you know what does «reinvestment" mean? Do you know that this concept can yield you a good return if you do not withdraw your interests from the investment portfolio every month but allow your deposit to work the whole term? How does it work? Reinvestment is a recurring investment of the profit gained from the initial investment…

    …You should not exhaust yourself by calculation and analysis trying to learn what is the difference if the interests in the past month continue working with a total deposit amount. Just look at the table below and you will see the difference in the interest rates and amount (let us calculate per 1,000 Dollars and 20,000 Dollars). The information is given for the first half-year 2012 and the information of Invest 50 Deposit is given for June and July 2012…
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