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About us


Manors Investment Company is an investment manager and specialist in financial planning for corporate and individual persons. We offer a full plan of fund protection (hedging) and distribution to solve definite financial tasks of our clients. Our specialists have developed a full-scale program which offers financial decisions for people with different return levels.

How do We Work?

The business activity of Manors Investment Company is based on trust management. Thereby the company guarantees to our clients monthly income and fund saving with limited risks according to the offer signed by the client and Manors Investment.

How Is Our Client Protected?

Manors Investment organizes investment programs only through legal mechanisms. Each such mechanism is carefully thought-out and maximally protects the investor’s funds. Risks are systematically limited by the company’s funds. Due to the fund distribution mechanism the risks of the client’s investment account are maximally limited and the investor’s funds are maximally protected.

Today the investment management program created by our specialists has no analogues in the Eastern-European markets. The analysts of Manors Investment have developed the line of investment portfolios with different rates of risk/return. Each investment portfolio consists of higher-margin and liquid instruments.

Advantages of Our Company

  1. Safeguarding of Your assets is achieved by systematically limited risks, the Company’s funds and its security deposit;
  2. High liquidity of the invested funds (an instant deposit free of charges and a withdrawal within one working day).
  3. In the investment programs VIP and Classic interests are reinvested and protected;
  4. It is possible to invest in EUR and USD;
  5. There are no expenses if you buy our investment products;
  6. Investment period - 6 months or more;
  7. Regular reports on purchased products (current price, expected profit etc);
  8. Fund distribution in the investor’s favor depending on the chosen investment portfolio;
  9. Monthly interest charging;
  10. It is possible to get more income if the client holds shares in our company;
  11. Automatic reinvestment of a charged interest.

Who Are Our Partners?

It is important to understand that Manors Investment is a member of Manors Corporation. The following companies are members of corporation too:

Manors Broker
is a major ECN broker which specializes in giving a quality access to online-trading in the international financial markets. Since its foundation the company has gained the respectable status in Forex market and the reputation of a reliable broker with favorable trading terms and welcoming service. Every day new traders open trading accounts and start trading with us.

Manors Estate
– this company specializes in consulting and legal services to acquire the property in Europe. Our experience, knowledge and long cooperation with real estate agencies in European Union countries help our clients to solve all problems efficiently.

Invest Brok Management
is a trust management innovation of financial business in the foreign currency market. A team of traders who have a long experience of effective working in the world financial markets have developed a complex trading system giving income to small investors and allowing them to take the opportunities of the international financial markets. We achieve this by participation of big and small investors in trading in the segregated account. Income of this project allows the investors to gain profit up to 20% monthly.

Nestor Charitable Organization
is a realization of social programs to satisfy basic needs in food, cloths, medical care, to organize rest camps for children and teenagers, to assist in the Christian family adoption, to provide physical, emotional and moral support.

Since May 1, 2012 Manors Corporation has started a franchise program for those who wish to realize their business opportunities. This program allows by power of attorney and on behalf of the company using the brand, image and business model of Manors Corporation in the regions to attract new clients and, as a result, to receive ever-increasing regular income.

This program means not only to start your new business but to support your current one. For many partners this offer has become a key decision in the process of development of their own business.

So in the section Who Are Our Partners your company can appear and be a member of Manors Corporation.

Joining forces Manors Corporation will help you to gain your aims on mutually beneficial conditions.






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