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Profit for 2011, $1000

The advantages of reinvestment in Manors Investment

Dear Investors! Do you know what does "reinvestment" mean? Do you know that this concept can yield you a good return if you do not withdraw your interests from the investment portfolio every month but allow your deposit to work the whole term? How does it work? Reinvestment is a recurring investment of the profit gained from the initial investment.

But you need actual figures! In fact it is simple, but first remember please where you have spent the last withdrawn interests. Certainly for your regular expenses. And now let us see what would happen with your interests if they were reinvested in Manors Investment.

So let us look at the Investor’s profit chart for each deposit. Today we have a chance to analyze the first half-year 2012.

In the chart you can see the profit lines for each deposit and monthly interest (without reinvestment) in the table below. But if you click on the jogged line of any deposit you will see a calculation per 1,000 Dollars (Euro) considering reinvestment.

You should not exhaust yourself by calculation and analysis trying to learn what is the difference if the interests in the past month continue working with a total deposit amount. Just look at the table below and you will see the difference in the interest rates and amount (let us calculate per 1,000 Dollars and 20,000 Dollars). The information is given for the first half-year 2012 and the information of Invest 50 Deposit is given for June and July 2012.

Investment PortfolioIncome With Reinvestment, %Income Without Reinvestment, %Income Difference, %
VIP28,95 %25,93 %3,02 %
Classic18,08 %16,82 %1,26 %
Universal25,95 %23,50 %2,45 %
Invest 5060,00 %50,84 %9,16 %
Investment PortfolioExtra Income of Reinvested Funds (1,000 Dollars), $Extra Income of Reinvested Funds (20,000 Dollars), $
VIP30,20 $604,00 $
Classic12,60 $252,00 $
Universal24,50 $490,00 $
Invest 5091,60 $1832,00 $

To calculate your amount multiply it by income difference. And you will understand the key advantage of cooperation with Manors Investment – your deposit as well as the charged interests make a good profit!

Enjoy your growing welfare cooperating with Manors Investment.

Earn with us and spend with pleasure!

With best regards, Manors Investment.

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