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Profit for 2011, $1000

For Partners

  1. Do you want to have regular ever-increasing income?
  2. Do you like an image of “white collars”?

Everything is in your hands.
Manors Group Corporation offers you franchise business opportunities.

Our franchise

Our business partner receives a commission from Manors Group Corporation for new clients. A regional office (regional representative) works under power of attorney and on behalf of the company and uses a brand, image and business model of Manors Group Corporation to attract new clients. A regional office (regional representative) confirms high quality standards of service adopted in Manors Group Corporation and receives 100% income from consulting services.

Why Manors Group?

Manors Group Corporation is a well-balanced and highly organized business model including a group of companies and oriented towards investments, brokerage, real estate, social programs, PAMM trading and franchise programs.

Manors Group Corporation has high technologies for business which bring regular income. We offer our support and training for you and your officials in our regional offices. We help with training and organization of all necessary business processes delegating our agents to any place of the country. Manors Group Corporation offers the best conditions for franchise partners.

    We consider:

  1. a number of new clients;
  2. an amount of attracted funds;
  3. time spent to attract new clients.

If you want to become a full partner of Manors Group Corporation please fill in the form below. After registration you will receive a detailed investment program of business development.

Apply for a franchise

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