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Profit for 2011, $1000



I have been working with Manors Investment Company for a long period and I am satisfied with their services. I have a good opinion about this company. Its business activity corresponds to the information published on the website. I often deposited and withdrew the funds and all operations were done without problems and in due time. The interests are always charged timely. I am glad to be a client of this company and have a real chance to earn money!

Klein Ivan,   Germany

Minus: nobody is rude with you and you get profit every month; you are calm about your money and there is no need to find a smart way to return your money from solicitous hands of the company. In fact this exciting process takes not a week or a month but maximum some hours a day. Upon the whole it is not like we have got used to: everything is transparent, honest and predictable. People like it and so do I. This Investment Company is exactly what is NEEDED!!!

Kravets Maxim,   Ukraine

I have been cooperating with Manors Investment Company for a long time. I am no stranger to it and satisfied with their service and promptness. And even when any problem arises they settle it promptly, professionally and positively. It fits me that my funds are protected from inflation and also multiplied consistently. I recommend Manors Investment to everyone.

Solomahin Yuriy,   USA

In March, 2011 I transferred the funds to Manors Investment Company to manage under an agreement. During validity term of the agreement they regularly charged monthly interest to my account. In seven months I withdrew my funds as needed. My profit amounted about to 16%. There were no delays. To conclude it is more profitable to place your money in the company than in the bank. I would like to note a diligence of the officials. Thanks.

Gluhov Vladimir,   Ukraine

One year has passed since I learned about Forex and its opportunities. My husband has been trying to master trading but I have chosen the investing. And to gain an experience of investment is not an easy and cheap task. Some times I invested into PAMM accounts and PAMM traders lost their deposits. So instead of profit I had losses. After that I began to search the ways of safe investment. When I learned about Manors Investment which guaranteed preservation of the capital I placed my funds in this company. For two months I have been receiving not much but stable profit. And I sleep peacefully when know that my deposit is protected.

Nazaruk Ekaterina,   Ukraine

I transferred the funds to the company without problems and interests were charged in time. I withdrew the funds without problems too (a withdrawal period was about 5 days). In general the company made a good impression on me.

Dmitryaha Mihail,   Ukraine

I have known the company for a long time and I am satisfied with their service, promptness and care. I think cooperation with the company is one of the important stages of my life. I wish explosive development, honest partnership to the company and private happiness to all officials.

Chernobay Gennady,   Ukraine

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